‘Open Day’ of Action against Course Closures and Staff Reductions

The save the IAA campaign is calling for students and staff across the university to take action on the university open day on Saturday the 24th November.  We are calling an organising meeting on Thursday the 22nd of November, at 5pm in the Guild Council Chambers; to discuss co-ordination for this. We hope that as many staff and students as possible- especially those at most risk from course closures- attend.

What is happening at this university is a systematic process of hampering, reviewing and then substantially restructuring or removing the course they don’t like. In the last three years Sociology, Biological Recording, English Language and Literature in Education, Cultural Studies, Archaeology and Antiquity, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Religious Studies and Theology have all been- or are at risk of being- substantially restructured or closed altogether.

However this process does not just affect these departments.  Across all departments we have seen a systematic process of review and a reduction of money the university spends on its core function of educating students and research.

The university cannot attack staff and students in the way it has done without expecting to face the consequence of their actions.

We call on the university to immediately halt course closures and compulsory redundancies and pledge not to make any more for the next three years.  

If the university is to progress and get better it can only be by working together with both staff and students, not in total opposition to them. The proposal is not unrealistic it has happened at other universities, notably Glasgow.

The plan for the of action we are going to take will be decided at the meeting but the provisional plan is to leaflet prospective students telling them what is going on at the university in the morning; having a rally in the early afternoon, and then continue to leaflet till the end of the day. Please attend the organizing meeting and come for the leafleting and protest on the 24th”



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